Healthy School Lunch Recipes
What Makes Them Healthy?

Are you on the search for healthy school lunch recipes?

Something that satisfies taste as well as giving your child the energy to go, go, go… Anything from eggs to oats, fruits to veggies, fish and nuts plus much, much more. Healthy options are easily integrated into any kids lunch box.

When you are packing your kids’ lunch box you want to go fast but you also want it to be good for your child nutritionally. To get your imagination flowing take a look at some delicious ideas here…

After testing them your feedback and experience is always welcome. Maybe you have some success recipes then share them.

Vegetables are the food of the earth; fruit seems more
the food of the heavens.

--Sepal Felicivant--

"Food To Grow"

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It's a good idea to start by checking the labels on packaged food that you plan to put in your child's lunch box. Anything like artificial flavouring, artificial colouring, or food additives are most likely additions you would like to skip.

What is your favourite breakfast recipe?

Do you have a recipe that jump starts your day? Share it!

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