Healthy School Lunch Recipes
What Makes Them Healthy?

Are you on the search for healthy school lunch recipes?

Something that satisfies taste as well as giving your child the energy to go, go, go. Anything goes from eggs to oats, fruits to veggies, fish, and nuts plus much, much more. Healthy options are easily integrated into any kid's lunch box.

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healthy school lunch box

It's a good idea to start by checking the labels on packaged food that you plan to put in your child's lunch box. 

Check for:

  • Artificial food coloring
  • Artificial flavoring
  • Food additives like MSG
  • Excess of sugar content
  • Excess of salt content 

These are ingredients to avoid in a healthy lunch. The goal is a speedily packed lunch box that still has nutritional value. 

To get your imagination flowing, take a look at some delicious ideas here on this site. After testing these ideas, your feedback as your experience report is always welcome. Maybe you have some success school-lunch-recipes, then share them.

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Ideas for school lunch recipes

  • Best Cookie Recipes

    The best cookie recipes tried and tested by our family and published for you to enjoy. The recipe collection ranges from Christmas to tea and dessert cookies.

  • Easy Quiche Recipes

    Easy quiche recipes often have a pastry crust, with a savoury filling of vegetables with or without meat or fish bound by an egg, milk and cream custard.

  • Easy Hummus Recipe

    Try this fresh hummus recipe. On my first attempt of this hummus recipe something embarrassing happened...

  • Italian Inspired Basil Pesto Recipe With Pine Nuts

    This basil pesto recipe is an all-time favorite. As a spread on freshly baked bread, mashed with an avocado mixed under pasta with vegetables or to refine a salad dressing.

  • Zucchini Muffin Recipe

    Inspire variety with this versatile zucchini muffin recipe. Muffins have the perfect size for packed healthy school lunches or an in between snack.

  • Sweet Potato Muffins - Recipe

    A warm and nutty taste stays when enjoying these sweet potato muffins. The flavour is strengthened by the cinnemon, sugar coating.

  • Pizza Muffins

    For an in between snack a side-dish or to fill a school lunch box the pizza muffins have an ideal serving form and size.

  • Banana Muffin Recipe

    This is a quick and easy banana muffin recipe. Over ripe bananas are ideal to use to prepare this delicious fruit recipe.

  • Carrot Cupcakes

    These carrot cupcakes with cinnamon and ginger topped with cream cheese icing make a fabulous healthy dessert.

  • Carrot Muffin Recipe

    Try this carrot muffin recipe and bring some change into the school lunch box.

  • Burger Recipes - Vegetable Burger - Meat Burger

    Every kid loves burger recipes. They are unquestionable one of the popular street foods and lunchbox fillings for many kids.

  • Millet Cake Recipe

    The following millet cake recipe is a great dish to prepare as a special breakfast or for when on holiday. Filled into muffin forms the millet cake is also a great addition to any lunch box.

  • Energy Bar Recipe

    This energy bar recipe is great for lunchboxes or snacks they are full of goodness and energy, due to them containing chia seeds, which are packed full of fibre and omega 3's.

  • Baked Doughnuts with Sweet Potato

    Baked doughnuts are my favourite treat and this sweet potato recipe gives them a new twist. Baked the doughnuts are really the best. They are light and ...

  • A Customized Kids Water Bottle Is Great For The School Lunch Box

    The customized kids water bottle is an ideal school water bottle to stay hydrated. It allows you to personalize it in three ways: monogram, font, bottle-color.

  • Metal Lunch Box For Kids In Classic Style, Customizable And Durable

    The classic metal lunch box for kids allows applying a personal touch. Many motifs are to add your name or monogram.

  • Naan Bread Recipe

    The naan bread recipe is a flatbread recipe that is popular in Southern, Western and Central Asia. It is similar to pita bread a flatbread prepared in the Middle East ....

  • Carrot Bread Recipe

    This sweet carrot bread recipe is best eaten warm out of the oven with some butter and a trickle of honey.

  • Pita Bread Recipe

    Making this pita bread recipe is simple but it requires patience and a little practise as rolling out dough and placing it in the pan becomes an art.

  • Easy Banana Bread Recipe

    The easy banana bread recipe leaves on the taste buds a sweet, moist and fruity sensation with a nutty under flavour.

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