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We strive to let this site become an interactive place where input in form of topic related recipes or as comments under each recipe are very welcome. So that different experiences from around the world shine through with different ways of dish preparation or different use of ingredients.

Herbs and spices make or break a delicious dish. Every time when someone of our family cooks it is a new experience even if it is the same old recipe, but everyone has preferences in how to season so it becomes often a tasty adventure.

I imagine it will be fun so lets cook and exchange favorite recipes and variations in preparation!

Below find the newest pages on-site and general related article all about the groceries that find their way into our shopping bag.

Articles by Food  to Grow:

  • Eating Healthy - What is a healthy diet?

    For many people eating healthy and the question what is a healthy diet both mean something entirely different. Healthy food relies on being as fresh, untreated and natural as possible.

  • Whole Grains - Grain Recipes

    Whole grains are said to be an important part of our everyday diet. They are at the bottom of the governmental food pyramid and it is suggested that we eat around 6+ ...

  • Factory Farming Versus The Benefits Of Organic Farming

    Factory farming, a big mistake? The quality of the meat is very much influenced by the fact of cows being corn fed or grass fed.

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    The banana smoothie recipe for kids makes one serving and is easy to increase by adding additional fruit and almond milk.

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    Kids love the strawberry and banana smoothie recipe. It is easy to prepare in late spring to early summer when sun-ripened strawberries are readily available.

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    The banana peach smoothie recipe tastes best with sun-ripened raw peaches. The stone fruit is a good source for vitamin A and C.