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There are many theories surrounding egg nutrition facts. One of the main beliefs is that eating eggs contributes majorly to increase cholesterol levels and therefore is a contributing factor in heart attacks. This believe has been around a long time but there is no straight answer. Sometimes eggs are perceived as good and sometimes
they are perceived as bad. However, like with everything too much of a good thing is bad. Although, it is still important to get all those vital nutrients that eggs provide it is also important not to overdo it. It’s just as bad to totally avoid eggs.

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Some people only eat egg whites because they believe that the egg yellow is the bit that contains the most fat. This may be true but that is no reason to waste a perfectly good egg yellow which also contains all of the eggs vitamins A, D, E and anyway the body needs fats and it is better if it comes from a natural source. Eggs are full of so many nutritional benefits and a great source of protein as well as minerals like choline, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Eggs are also good for the immune system, the eyes, the skin, strong blood formation and the nervous system.

The present was an egg
laid by the past
that had the future
inside its shell.

--Zora Neale Hurston--

Other than the significant price difference eggs also have a difference in nutritional value, not depending on how the chickens are kept but depending on what they were feed. Tests done on various eggs with origins in different egg production industries done by Market Place, a Canadian consumer TV show, showed a steady level of cholesterol between the egg types ranging from 386.1-427mg per 100g.
With white eggs having the highest and omega-3 having the lowest cholesterol content. Not surprisingly the omega-3 enriched eggs had the highest omega-3 content.

This shows that not all eggs are the same and that the value of egg nutrition in the egg production industry changes depending on what the chicken feed that the chickens are feed on consists of.

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