Easy Breakfast Recipes for Kids
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Kids love to get involved, therefore easy breakfast recipes are ideal to do so. Involvement provides your child with skills to make wise decisions when it comes to their nutrition.

What makes easy breakfast recipes irresistible?

The ingredients are key to the success of each recipe. Noticeable consistent full and ripe taste, freshness of produce in both fruits and vegetables reached our kitchen when we changed from the supermarket to our weekly local market.

"Food To Grow"

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According to the produce on offer we arrange our weekly menu. Get a variety of items and spice up your breakfast with new and exotic options never get tired of making a nutritionally balanced breakfast and try something new every day.

The pig and the chicken
were on their way to breakfast, trying to decide what to have.
When chicken said,
"Let's have ham and eggs."
The pig then replied,
"That's fine for you,
it's a small donation on your part,
but it's a total sacrifice for me."

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Toasted Oats 
Toasted Oats This is a very basic recipe with toasted oats and nuts, yoghurt and fruit. A recipe that calls for variations with different fruits …

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