Colorful Kids Mug An Homage To Healthy Eating Habits

The colorful kids mug is an homage to healthy eating habits with his memory game like appearance in the imagery of produce.

How to Customize Your Kids Mug?

Choose from a variety of mug styles to go with this design and or manipulate the background color. Some kids mugs offer a custom touch by adding a name or initials to it so that the breakfast becomes more meaningful to its owner.

Alternatively, you can start a design to reflect your design idea and message.

Further, the Food to Grow logo mug image-link leads to a collection of the best mug print designs for kids. The printed mug collection shows healthy eating related motifs. And it includes the best kids motifs by fellow Zazzle designers on the Marketplace.

Decorated individually with healthy foods or cooking related print makes fantastic visual support for taking up a new skill like preparing a healthy meal.

Features Of The Custom Printed Mug:

  • Two mug sizes are available for custom prints. The 11-ounce mug has the outer dimensions of 3.8” height to 3.2” in diameter. The mug of 15-ounce has the outer dimensions of 4.5” height to 3.4” in diameter. Convert! 
  • Mugs are printed-on-demand in Reno, NV. Their material is of a strong ceramic that meets FDH requirements concerning the safety of food and beverage.
  • For ease of use, the mug is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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