Kids Plastic Tumbler With Straw And Lid

A plastic tumbler, with straw and a lid, personalize it to gift it to your child. It makes a perfect gift to introduce a new habit like a healthy smoothie drink per day.

How To Customize The Plastic Tumbler

The kids' tumbler with straw lets you customize it. Either add your name to the existing template or start a design.

The Food to Grow logo tumbler image-link leads to a collection of the tumbler designs for kids. The tumblers collection shows the best fruity tumbler design by fellow designers we stumbled upon on the Zazzle marketplace.

Decorated individually with fruit and customizable name it makes a fantastic accessory to take up a healthy new habit like drinking a fruit smoothie per day.

Features Of The Custom Tumbler:

The large tumbler has the capacity for 16oz of fluids. Convert! It is a large tumbler size that allows adding ice to the fruity drink.

The double-wall construction gives the plastic tumbler condensation resistance.

A characteristic that makes the portable tumbler an excellent choice for a cold drink on the go.

Its material is lightweight acrylic and whit this BPA-free. Hand washing the tumbler will bring long-lasting joy.

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