Custom Tumbler Glass To Introduce Your New Habit

The custom tumbler glass allows you to personalize it, which makes it great to affirm your new habit like drinking a healthy smoothie drink per day.

How to Customize Your Tumbler Glass?

Many glass tumblers allow adding your name to a variety of fruit motifs so that the drink-ware becomes indistinguishable.

Alternatively, you can start a design to reflect your style.

Further, the Food to Grow logo tumbler image-link leads to a collection of the best glass tumbler designs for kids. The tumblers collection includes the best fruity tumbler design by fellow designers we discovered on the Zazzle Marketplace.

Decorated individually with fruit and name it makes fantastic visual support for taking up a healthy new habit such as indulging in a fruit smoothie per day.

Features Of The Custom Tumbler:

The large tumbler glass is labelled shaker glass and has the form of an American pint glass. It has the capacity for 16oz of mouthwatering fruity richness. Convert!

It is a large tumbler size that is perfect for adding ice to the pureed fruit smoothie on a hot day.

Hand washing the clear tumbler promises long-lasting joy.

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