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The site "Easy healthy recipes for kids" strives to become a resource and inspiration for kids and adults in the kitchen. This website is an online community for people of all ages who love to learn and discover. Here we explore the mysteries behind healthy living.

Food Quote by Sally Edwards

On average we eat 3 meals a day maybe more or maybe less but this adds to about 1000 meals a year, 17,520 meals in my lifetime. We eat it every, day it’s a part of you and its part of me.  Food is like fuel for our engine, without proper fuel our engine won’t run properly. Everyone’s relationship with food is different but food is essential for our survival and we all need it and we should embrace it in its most natural form, that’s what I believe anyway.

A brief introduction on how to use the site:

The navigation bar to your left is your doorway to the topics covered on this site, from daily meals and information about common grocery bag items to an extremely handy conversion tool which converts everything from measurements to weights. You can also access our blog and learn what’s new on our site.

Each recipe page has one picture or more showing what the recipe looked like when we made it (with a pinit button for Pinterest)and an ingredient list with instructions. There are two voices on this site mine and yours so have your say. You also have the option of printing out the recipe. Submit your own recipes under each cover page to share.

It's time to discover.

Please know we love feedback so either drop "Easy Healthy Recipes For Kids" a line via Contact Us form or use the FB plugin to comment.

All of the recipes on this site so far, have been tried and tested by me and my family so get involved and have your say. Most of the fruit and vegetables that we consume are grown locally and are fresh, as they are bought from a local market. So the fruits and vegetables we use in our recipes are available close to home. We don’t really use any fancy ingredients in our recipes which makes them simple and achievable for everyone especially since no recipe is set in stone and it is so easy to make it your own simply by adding or subtracting ingredients.

I believe that you are never too young or too old to learn, especially about food and healthy living, something that affects us all. As the technology available is increasingdeveloping at a fast pace so are the things we have to be sceptical about. I need your help I want to build a community of all age groups people who are interested in learning and discovering what healthy food is and willing to share their knowledge and educate one another because I certainly don’t have all of the answers I only have an a opinion and you have one to so share it with the world.

To make sure that we know the ingredients that go into a recipe we prefer making everything from scratch no cake or pancake mix, no curry or pasta sauce .We prefer cooking from scratch for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks and lunch box ideas and it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Visit our about me page to learn more about me and my journey towards healthy living.

We love feedback so either drop “Easy Healthy Recipes For Kids” a line via the Contact Us form or use the FB plugin to comment. Subscribe to our e-zine and like us on Facebook to keep up with whats happening on this site.

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