What Makes Easy Meat Recipes Special To Please Adults And Kids Alike?

Dinner with one of the easy meat recipes is a time to enjoy and relax for the whole family. With something on the table, even picky eaters enjoy eating.

How does it work?

Mum has a system. Before she goes shopping, everyone puts forward what they would like to eat during the week. Then each morning we decide, what is in the cooking pots that evening. Dinner on most days includes a healthy fresh salad and a dessert. Choices for the menu rely on what is in season.

Since everyone is a bit of a picky eater, in the sense of a veggie lover or meat lover, the differences become aligned by adding some minced, striped, or diced meat and lots of vegetables. The binding sauce, spices, veggies, and meat combinations change.

How do the meat recipes serve picky eaters?

A meat recipe, prepared of selected and fresh ingredients, has something for all family members and its picky eaters, whether they are meat-lovers or veggie-lovers. Their choice is the meat beef, lamb, chicken or pork and the veggies to go with it.

The selection of the side goes hand in hand with the sauce ingredients. A salad, freshly pressed veggie juice, or a smoothie provides the vitamins and enzymes. And right, the choice was in the kids' hands. The dessert after dinner is a treat. The only rule everyone eats from everything but can determine the amount.

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Do we the kids cook or help cooking?

Yes, we do occasionally help to explore the ingredients and learn how to cook. Often it is an activity for the school holidays.

The easy kid-friendly dinner allows enjoying the evening and exchange on happenings of the day.

Using organic meat over factory-farmed meat keeps your family safe while reducing the use of meat in favor of plant-based foods serves our planet.

Try our tested and tasted meat recipes, post your comments, or join our website community, and show off your cooking skills.

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Meat well raised and well prepared is a treat. What are your best liked recipes using organic meat?

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