Sweet Treats, Delicious Recipe Ideas For Desserts And In Between Treats

Here we include tried and tested sweet treats by us and site visitors. Since many enjoy sweet temptations, they find a place on Easy Healthy Recipes For Kids.

Use them as a special treat, to end a good meal, enjoy a particularly beautiful day or moment. Presented recipes have a high content of fruits with their inherent sweetness. In combination with spices such as cinnamon or clove and nutmeg, the added amounts of sugar or sugar substitutes are minimal. Therefore go-ahead to explore. Click here, to share a sweet recipe!

sweet treats

Sweet Treats For Dessert

  • The Best Smoothie Recipes For Kids, Why Are These So Great?

    The best smoothie recipes for kids are a perfect way to equip them in the morning with a healthy breakfast. Fruit smoothies make healthy snacks and treats.

  • The Difference Between Cupcakes And Muffins

    Are you confused about the difference between cupcakes and muffins? One is sweet while the other one is sweet or savory. Their commonality: both are loved bakeries.

  • Sweet Cherry Sauce Recipe Made Freshly Picked Cherries

    The cherry sauce recipe makes on its own a sweet dessert. To make the cherry sauce remarkable, serve it with vanilla ice cream, vanilla sauce, or custard.

  • Apple Sauce Recipe

    The apple sauce recipe makes a delicious dessert along with whipped cream or served on top of vanilla ice. It also is perfect to use as filling for a sweet pie.

  • Vanilla Sauce Recipe

    This vanilla sauce recipe gives you the chance to create a fabulous tasting real homemade sauce. Enhanced by a vanilla bean, which gives the sauce its vanilla flavour, warm yellow colour.

  • Thiacry - Sweet Couscous Recipe

    This couscous recipe is adapted from thiacry a sweet soup which is served in a small village in Senegal. It was made with freshly made couscous, fermented milk and sugar.

  • Chocolate Pudding Recipe

    A delectable treat or dessert is what you would call this chocolate pudding recipe. Warm, creamy and chocolaty it is just the recipe for chocolate lovers.

  • Nut Cake Recipe 3 Layered With Raspberries

    A no bake nut cake recipe that contains a perfect combination of creamy cashews, crunchy walnuts and fruity raspberries. The result is delicious..

  • Apple Crumble Recipe

    This bottomless apple crumble recipe is a great winter warmer for those cold months. It is also great to get rid of some of those overripe apples.

  • How to Make Meringue, Simple Instructions

    Follow the step by step instructions on how to make meringue. Use it to top fruit, pies or heaps of sweet kisses.

  • Basic Rhubarb Sauce

    The basic rhubarb sauce, with its sweet and tangy taste, is one of the many spring-flavours. It is perfect by itself or topping a warm sweet pie.

  • Plum Crumble Recipe

    A plum crumble crumble is a delicious sweet sour dessert.

  • Easy Tiramisu Recipe

    This easy tiramisu recipe is simple to prepare and a sure crowd pleaser. It seems to be gone a lot faster than it was prepared.

Doughnut Variations

  • Baked Doughnuts with Sweet Potato

    Baked doughnuts are my favourite treat and this sweet potato recipe gives them a new twist. Baked the doughnuts are really the best. They are light and ...

  • Baked Doughnut Recipe

    A baked doughnut recipe that brings out the best light and fluffy doughnut and doughnut rings

  • Baked Doughnut Recipe

    This baked doughnut recipe is a million times healthier than any fried doughnuts that I have ever eaten.

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