Burger Recipes

Everyone loves burger recipes. They are unquestionable one of the popular street foods but are great for any occasion especially for kids’ parties when each child can choose what and how much to put onto the burger. Though, admittedly the bought burgers are never a temptation when I have a choice.

A freshly baked homemade burger, a pure organic meat patty or a falafel patty accompanied by a selection of fresh salads and vegetables, a slice of your preferred cheese and your own favourite condiments. Tasty quality ingredients form the basis of a delicious burger. Personally I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

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  • To create the burger buns use your favourite flour and bun recipe
  • The amount and quality of the salt, sugar and fat are in your control (These are often welcome additions to the burger bun recipes, sauces and meat patties. In controlled quantities and qualities these influence just the taste.)
  • Pure high quality meat patty
  • Salads and vegetables are fresh prepared

Burger buns

Our preferred homemade bread recipe for the burger bun is the sweet potato bread recipe but the spelt bread recipe works just as great. These recipes make about 20 buns that have a good size for kids to manage (in the end the quantity depends a bit on your preferred size). The dough needs some preparation time in advance.

Meat patties

beef minceBeef mince
  • 100g beef mince per 1 patty

Each patty is formed out of 100g of organic lean beef mince that is pan fried. Sometimes it is quite handy to place a piece of cheese on top after the patty has been turned.

Hamburger patties with buckwheat

The hamburger patties recipe is great over baked with cheese and garnished with vegetables and sauces between a burger bun as well as aside of steamed vegetables topped with a homemade tomato sauce.

Falafel burger

Falafel burger patty

The falafel recipe is the ideal recipe with which to make the falafel burger. One heaped tablespoon of the mixture is placed into the pan and flattened with the spoon to form a burger. Here it is important to let the first side fry for about 3-minutes before turning to the next side more oil might be needed before flipping the patty onto the other side.

If wished a slice of cheese can be placed on top of the patty after the turning it.

Ideas to top the burger:

Salad, spinach, steamed beetroot, caramelized onions, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, grated carrots or cabbage


Mustard, ketchup, yogurt dip, hummus, avocado dip

Leftovers make a great lunchbox filling the day after.

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    The hamburger patties recipe is quite versatile. Serve themwith steamed and raw vegetables topped with a tomato sauce or between a bun to fills a lunchbox.

There are so many different combinations to put on a burger.

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