School Lunch Box Ideas
Does your child return her/his lunch box half filled?

Finding the perfect filling for my school lunch box is and has been a challenge. The trick is to find the right balance between tasting good and being healthy. Time is also a very big factor. Especially during those cold winter months, when the sun rises later and I like to sleep in rather than to get up early in the mornings.

One thing is clear. It is important for children to get healthy options in their lunch box. Kids need loads of energy during a long school day to keep them performing at their best. It also greatly helps if they like their school lunch.

The best tip there is to sit down with your child and get your son or daughter to choose from a range of healthy school lunch ideas. Other than that ask them what they would like to have in their lunch bag. This will increase the chance that they will actually eat their healthy school lunch and not just throw it away and resort to what is offered in the tuck shop, cafeteria, or dairy.

Prepare the kids’ lunchbox the night before, if you tend to be in a hurry in the morning. Good choices may include some fresh or dried fruits and a nut mix. My personal favourite is some home baking a muffin or some kind of muesli bar.

kiwi fruit
red currantsCurrants
brazil nuts

We are living in a world today
where lemonade is made
from artificial flavors and
furniture polish is made
from real lemons.

--Alfred E. Newman--

With sandwiches I prefer to prepare them fresh in the morning, they just have a fresher taste then. You could also pack the toppings for the sandwich separately from the bread and prepare it at school or at work so you don’t get those soggy sandwiches.

This option is much better than sending the kids to school with money so that they can get whatever they want at the tuck shop, were they are most likely going to end up with something unhealthy, micro waved, or over processed.

Ask your child if they liked what was in their lunch box that day because they won’t always tell you if they ate it or not but if the lunch box arrives at home empty it’s a good sign, unless the food was thrown away in which case it’s best to provide variety. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with cool and creative school lunch box ideas that you and your child are happy about. So take a look at our healthy school lunch recipes and get inspired.

For an amusing look at good eating habits for kids, you might want to click here to explore BETTER THAN BUTTER. There is more to food than meets the eye

Do you have a favourite school lunch box idea? Share it!

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