Metal Lunch Box For Kids In Classic Style, Customizable And Durable

The classic metal lunch box for kids allows applying a personal touch. Many motifs are to add your name or monogram. Additionally, the lunch box color offers multiple choices. With this, the lunch box becomes unique and is perfect for all who love the classic style.

How to Customize The Lunch Box For Kids?

Many lunch boxes allow adding a name or initials to their decorative print so that the school accessory becomes unique and meaningful to the owner.

Alternatively, you can start a design to reflect your ideas for the reusable lunch box.

Further, the Food to Grow logo lunch box image-link leads to a collection of the best kids' lunch box ideas. After browsing the Zazzle Marketplace, we included the best kids motifs by fellow designers.

Individually decorated, the custom lunch boxes make great gifts for kids to use for their healthy school lunches.

Features Of The Tin Lunch Box:

  • The age recommendation is for kids 5 years plus. The interior surface is safe for food contact. The metal box dimension is 6.75” l x 8.625” w x 3.75” h with a weight of 12 oz. Convert!
  • There are six body colors to choose from: stainless, white, black, red, blue, and light blue.
  • Just the front or front and back allow for a print.
  • The handle consists of black plastic and is collapsible.

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