Cherry Wall Art, Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas As Canvas And Poster Print

Cherry wall art print
Cherries, black white red canvas print in open floor kitchen dining area
cherry canvas print, pinkish white kitchen wall decor in grey kitchen
cherry posters wall decor in a cafe, pink-white and blue-grey

The cherry wall art is a perfect kitchen wall decor. It shows the tempting red stone fruit as a modern fruit print on canvas or as a poster. The colors depict the traditional red and allow customization.

Personalize the cherry print by choosing the hue that the cherries appear in as well as the font, font-size, font color, and language the text shows in.

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How to customize your cherry wall art?

The cherry wall art kitchen wall decor idea uses poster prints and prints on framed canvas. The base color is modifiable to match an existing kitchen color scheme. Easy Healthy Recipes For Kids prepared instructions on how to modify the background on a mobile phone and a desktop.

Three template variations work on a monochromatic idea. In the first template, the chosen color contrasts with its color shades darkened by black and lightened by white.  The second template shows shades of the background color lightened with white. The third and last template darkens the chosen color with black.

All three templates allow altering or deleting the caption and to define the font, font-size, and font-color. To request help with the customization or a custom design, please use the contact form at 

For more unique kitchen wall decor by fellow designers, browse the Zazzle Marketplace.

Are you on a budget and looking for cheap kitchen wall decor?

Choosing a poster with the attractive cherry triplet print makes a cheap kitchen wall decor. The poster paper qualities range from value paper in matte to semi-gloss poster paper.  And from an archival heavyweight paper in matte to premium canvas with a gloss finish.

With twenty-two standard sizes and the option to apply the exact measurements, it is possible to re-decorate any kitchen.

The canvas kitchen wall decor

The canvas prints come in fourteen standard sizes and also allow for custom measurements to decorate any wall space. Three available frame thicknesses range from 0.75 to 2.5 inches.

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