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The Meat Fix:
How a lifetime of healthy eating nearly killed me

The 'Meat Fix' is not a diet book nor is it advising you to eat meat or become a vegetarian/vegan. It is however a personal account of how following a respectively picture perfect vegetarian diet for 26 years lead to a number of unexpected and undesired health effects.

The solution although all health experts advised against it lead John Nicholson to better health. Despite it discrediting the one diet suits all way of thinking and reinforcing that everyone is different and everyone has different needs.

The Meat Crisis:
Developing more sustainable production and consumption

The title 'The Meat Crisis' does not refer to a shortage of meat but rather reflects on the increasing consumption of meat and its consequences.

'The Meat Crisis' covers relevant topics concerning factory farming and its repercussions with an in depth coverage of topics such as the environment, animal welfare, implications on human health and ethical and religious approaches. All written by different authors with various expert views.

Less Meat More Veg:
the eco-friendly way to eat, with 150 inspiring recipes

As a move to factory farming brought about undesired effects to land, water, body and air, Rachel de Thampel realised that with counting in eggs and dairy products which are mostly factory farmed to her family’s meat consumption that it actually did add up to quite a lot.

Despite the deceiving title, 'Less Meat More Veg', this book is about meat and meat recipes but in lesser quantities to suit today’s needs.

The author has covered all the bases providing both factual information and recipes. The recipes contain the recommended 50g protein with the added bonus of telling you how much the certain recipe is contributing to your 5+ a day. 

This book is not recommending for you to give up meat but rather reduce your intake combined with better quality (e.g. organic grass fed meat). By reducing the amount meat on your plate hopefully the number of vegetables on your plate will increase in turn.

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