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Easy Hummus Recipe

Try this fresh hummus recipe. On my first attempt of this hummus recipe something embarrassing happened...

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What Eating Trends are eating you?

Several eating trends form the basis of our diets. Our modern diet or better-named western diet is the main reason why people all around the world are fatter and sicker than ever before.

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Fluoridated Drinking Water

The Ministry of Health alleges that “no real evidence exists to support a link between fluoridated drinking water and any negative health effect”.

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Fluoridated Tap Water

The ethical issues behind fluoridated tap water though not backed by scientific evidence are supported by common sense.

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Nut Cake Recipe 3 Layered With Raspberries

This nut cake recipe contains the perfect combination of creamy cashews, crunchy walnuts and fruity raspberries whose taste and texture exist separately but still harmonise with one another.

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Parsley Pesto Recipe

The parsley pesto can be served as a bread spread or to top pancakes, like a condiment in wraps, or spice up any salad or dip.

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Carrot Pancakes

Carrots, eggs and coconut flour flavoured with fresh turmeric and ginger turn out some tasty carrot pancakes.

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Carrot Salad with Freshly Grated Turmeric and Curry Leaves

This carrot salad unites flavours from popular curry dishes such as fresh turmeric root, green chillies and curry leaves ....

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